Eat to Beat Disease: The New Science of How the body Can Heal itself

by William W. Li, MD

Part of the Books I Love series

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In the Books I Love series, I’ll share with you some of my favorite books. These will usually be nutrition books, but from time-to-time, you’ll find lifestyle books and novels within the theme of food and healthy living. I’ll be keeping the format short and sweet and in a simple easy-to-read list form. Hope this installment inspires you to pick up a copy of Eat to Beat Disease!

Each of the five defense systems in your body are intimately connected to your diet. Research is revealing ever more evidence about how the foods we eat can have powerful influences on these systems that either activate their abilities to keep us in good health or destroy them.

William W. Li, MD

Why I love this book…

  1. Science and sources. All Dr. Li’s claims about food in Eat to Beat Disease are backed up by scientific study, and he provides the sources.
  2. Dr. Li is anti “diet” and more about overall eating for health. It is clear he loves food and finds joy in it. No sacrificial diet here.
  3. It is all about adding in more healthy foods to your diet. The book gives easy ways to do this that supports all 5 of your body’s natural defense systems. It really is simple to implement his 5X5X5 plan to incorporate at least 5 foods that support all 5 systems each day. It’s a healthier way of eating no matter where you are starting from. It’s also a great way to check your meal plan for the week to make sure you are including lots of healthy foods to fuel you.
  4. You may discover some new favorites (Black Garlic, is my favorite “new food find” from this book!).

Looking for a recipe that features foods that boost all 5 natural defense systems mentioned in Eat to Beat Disease?

Chicken, vegetable, and black garlic yogurt in blue shallow bowl with sourdough bread on side


LI, WILLIAM W. Eat to Beat Disease: The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself. GRAND CENTRAL PUB, 2021. 

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