Emily Haygood in the kitchen

Let’s Talk About Food!

Food is one of my favorite subjects, and sharing it with you makes it even more fun to discuss. Here you’ll find my In Season talks about seasonal produce plus general Food Talks that cover anything and everything about food from specific ingredients to general approaches. I hope these talks will get you excited about the ways your food can fuel your body, using new ingredients, and help you add variety to your diet.

Behind the Food

Hi, I’m Emily

I’m so glad you’re here – whether your health and nutrition journey is a new venture or you’re a seasoned pro! I love food- the flavors, the colors, the textures, how it benefits your body, how it can make you feel good and create memories and how it can convey love. I hope these food discussions inspire you to love food too.

Emily Haygood chopping vegetables in the kitchen
Culinary ingredients for healthy habits

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